How To Measure For Your Grill Cover


Flame Retardant with High-Temperature Resistant Composite Fabric, Teflon Thread, Silicone Coating and Kevlar Thread Toughest there is and so effective that you can put this right over a grease fire and save your home.

Works Fast – You can immediately cover your grill when you are done barbecuing. No wait time for the grill to cool down.

500° Fahrenheit Rating – Heat endurance ensuring maximum protection at this elevated temperature.

UV Resistant with a 20-YEAR UV Rating – Expected to absorb blazing heat for up to 20 years. 100% protection inside and out!

Extremely Durable – Built to last for more than 6 years with careful use.

Easy-to-Clean – A water hose or spray bottle if you need to clean a small area of the cover.

Velcro Straps on Both Sides – Keeps the cover snugly fitting your grill.

Made in the USA – With a promise of a 3-YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY.

Ships from Millbury MA –  3-5 day delivery.

Waterproof – No need to worry about whether your grill is getting wet in the rain, these covers are WATERPROOF.

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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Silicone Griddle Cover for High Temperatures

  • Patent Pending
  • 6 Year warranty
  • 30 day no hassle money back guarantee

Griddle Cover fits the blackstone out door griddle

*Custom Sizes available upon request, simply email  [email protected] with grill style and model #