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Universal Fireproof Covers
for Grills and Smokers

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Chill The GrillTM

put it on hot!

 Welcome to the future of grilling with our Chill The Grill Cover, designed to set new standards in grill protection. This outdoor grill cover is not just a waterproof BBQ grill cover, but a engineered from fireproof materials that can handle up to 550°F.

Our heavy-duty grill cover offers a robust, high-temperature resistant shield, enabling you to cover your grill immediately after use. With features like a UV-resistant coating, a custom-designed ventilation for better airflow, and dual Velcro straps, this grill cover ensures safety (protects against burns), quality (doesn’t rip, fade, or melt), and convenience (Put it on a HOT grill).

Complete with a 3-Year Warranty, the Chill The Grill Cover is your grill’s best defense against the elements, ensuring every BBQ is a breeze.

Compatible with all popular grill and smoker brands including Weber, Char-Broil, Napoleon, Monument, Master Forge, Nexgrill, Dyna Glo, Kenmore, Broil King, Brinkmann, Holland, Jen Air, Pit Boss, Oklahoma Joe, Char-Griller, Traeger, Broil King, Kingford and more.


Our Product Line

Chill the Grill

Key Features


Put It On Hot!


UV Resistant

Heavy Duty Material

No Riping or Fading

Assists In Extinguishing Fires

Protects Against Melted Siding

Long-lasting Durability

Environmentally Friendly

Registered US Patent

Fireproof and Asbestos Free

Safety of children and pets

Chill The GrillTM


10,600 home fires are started by grills each year, on average.

19,700 patients went to the ER per year because of injuries involving grills

Put It on a Hot:  Cover Immediately after grilling!

Heat Resistant Fireproof Material (Up to 550°F): will not melt

Water-Proof / UV-Resistant Coating: no fading

Heavy Duty Material: no cracking, rips or splits

Burn Prevention: prevents children’s hands from getting burned

Assists with Safe Fire Termination: helps cut off the oxygen supply

Two Velcro Straps: secure from the wind and easy/convenient hanging

Ventilation Pocket: for better airflow, reduce humidity

3 Year Warranty




Chill the Grill

About The Company

With a lifelong passion and career in High Temperature Industrial Materials, I have always been driven by a singular mission: to harness advanced aerospace and industrial fabric technologies for the creation of consumer safety products that set new standards in quality and innovation.

Patented Chill the Grill Cover: As the pinnacle of our product line, the Chill the Grill Cover represents the ultimate in grill and smoker protection. Crafted with precision from cutting-edge materials, it offers unrivaled quality, safety, and convenience. Unique in its ability to be placed over hot surfaces immediately after use, our cover ensures that you can say, “Put it on hot,” and relax knowing your grill is secure.

Patented Tame the Flame Fire Pit Cover: Revolutionizing how you end your evening, the Tame the Flame Fire Pit Cover allows you to cover your backyard fire pit and retire without a second thought. This self-extinguishing, fireproof cover promises peace of mind with our simple mantra: “Ignite… Goodnight.”

Patented Fire Fence: As a groundbreaking solution in DIY home protection against wildfires, the Fire Fence is set to transform safety in susceptible regions. This innovative barrier is soon to be available at major home improvement retailers, bringing game-changing technology to your doorstep.

Patented Thermal Sleeve for Smokeless Fire Pits: Designed to redefine safety for backyard fire pits, our Thermal Sleeve is a critical accessory for anyone seeking to prevent burns. This game-changer in protection is just on the horizon, promising to make smokeless fire pits safer for families everywhere.

At Chill The Grill, we are dedicated to continuing our tradition of excellence and innovation, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds the tough demands of daily life. Join us in our journey to make safety accessible and straightforward for all.

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This is the first and last cover you will ever need for your Grill! It is built to take whatever you can dish out. In a hurry to watch the game, put this cover on without worry! Its heavy and built to last. I've had 70mph wind storms and it stays right where it should. This cover will protect my investment for years to come!

Trevor Dutt 

We have a grill cover called Chill the Grill. It easily slips over our grill so if sudden rain appears. No wait needed until the grill cools off.

Denise Jones

With the constant threat of wildfires, I like the ability to cover up my grill when high winds come in off the mountains. This gives me peace of mind that my grill is protects and stays clean from dirt and pollen.

Bob Travers

Nothing makes me happier when i use my cover my grill right away knowing that I wont forget to do it later. I usually end up with a grill cover that was forgotten about in a pile on the ground full of rain water.

Janet Oneil   

I could tell immediately the cover was high quality. Since arriving, I’ve used every time because I dont forget about it. I just put it on right when Im done grilling and walk away knowing it won't melt!

Brenda G.

I purchased the Chill The Grill Cover and its a waterproof and fireproof cover that you can put on if the flames get out of hand. They are high-end, high quality and definitely worth it for piece of mind.

Mike Jacob

So happy we have the Chill The Grill Covers. Such ease and peace of mind to go in whenever you need without worry if the grill is cooled off enough! Thank you Chill The Grill for such great products!

Eric D.

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