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About The Company

With a lifelong passion and career in High Temperature Industrial Materials, I have always been driven by a singular mission: to harness advanced aerospace and industrial fabric technologies for the creation of consumer safety products that set new standards in quality and innovation.

Patented Chill the Grill Cover: As the pinnacle of our product line, the Chill the Grill Cover represents the ultimate in grill and smoker protection. Crafted with precision from cutting-edge materials, it offers unrivaled quality, safety, and convenience. Unique in its ability to be placed over hot surfaces immediately after use, our cover ensures that you can say, “Put it on hot,” and relax knowing your grill is secure.

Patented Tame the Flame Fire Pit Cover: Revolutionizing how you end your evening, the Tame the Flame Fire Pit Cover allows you to cover your backyard fire pit and retire without a second thought. This self-extinguishing, fireproof cover promises peace of mind with our simple mantra: “Ignite… Goodnight.”

Patented Fire Fence: As a groundbreaking solution in DIY home protection against wildfires, the Fire Fence is set to transform safety in susceptible regions. This innovative barrier is soon to be available at major home improvement retailers, bringing game-changing technology to your doorstep.

Patented Thermal Sleeve for Smokeless Fire Pits: Designed to redefine safety for backyard fire pits, our Thermal Sleeve is a critical accessory for anyone seeking to prevent burns. This game-changer in protection is just on the horizon, promising to make smokeless fire pits safer for families everywhere.

At Chill The Grill, we are dedicated to continuing our tradition of excellence and innovation, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds the tough demands of daily life. Join us in our journey to make safety accessible and straightforward for all.