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Introducing the Affiliate program designed for ambitious publishers and influencers like yourself! Imagine being a part of a brand that not only offers high-quality outdoor products but also demonstrates an unwavering commitment to protecting our families, children, pets, homes, and the precious environment we call Mother Nature. This is your chance to join a mission-driven movement that prioritizes safety above all else.

Our brand is dedicated to preventing burns, house fires, and the devastation caused by runaway campfires and wildfires. By promoting our innovative covers, you will play a crucial role in spreading the word and showcasing the paramount importance of safety. Our covers provide consumers with an unparalleled “PEACE OF MIND,” assuring them that their loved ones, homes, and surroundings are safeguarded.

But that’s not all! By joining our Affiliate program, you will unlock a myriad of benefits that are bound to boost your earnings and position you as a trusted advocate for safety-conscious outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s what you can expect:

    1. Lucrative Commission Structure: Our generous commission rates ensure that your efforts are handsomely rewarded. As our brand continues to flourish, so will your income.

    1. High-Converting Marketing Materials: Gain access to a comprehensive suite of professionally crafted marketing materials, including eye-catching banners, persuasive product descriptions, engaging social media content, and more. These assets are designed to captivate your audience and maximize conversion rates.

    1. Exclusive Discounts and Offers: Your audience will benefit from exclusive discounts and special promotions, further incentivizing them to purchase our safety-focused covers through your affiliate links. More sales mean more money in your pocket!

    1. Dedicated Affiliate Support: We understand the importance of a strong support system. That’s why we provide you with a dedicated affiliate manager who will guide you through the program, answer your queries, and offer expert advice to help you optimize your marketing efforts.

    1. Real-Time Performance Tracking: Our advanced affiliate dashboard provides you with real-time insights into your performance, including clicks, conversions, and earnings. Stay informed and adjust your strategies accordingly to maximize your profits.

    1. Ongoing Product Innovation: Our commitment to safety doesn’t end with the current lineup. We continuously invest in research and development to introduce new, groundbreaking products. As an affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to promote cutting-edge solutions that resonate with your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to align yourself with a brand that values safety and environmental protection. Join our Affiliate program today and embark on a profitable journey while making a positive impact on the world around us. Together, let’s promote safety, empower consumers, and enjoy the financial rewards that come with it!


What Are We Looking For:

We are looking for affiliate sites that match our core values and reach audiences in the following areas:

Outdoorsy / Adventure

Home Decor / Gardening



Camping / Glamping

Outdoor Events

Cold Weather Essentials

Parenting / Family

Fire Safety

Experiential (Homebound & Outbound)

Business Journals

Gear and Tech

Backpacking / Hiking




How It Works:

As an Affiliate, you will receive a Commission based link to share on your website via Ads, Banners, Product Imagery, Product Video Reviews, etc.

Visitors to your site use your link to visit chillthegrillcover.com and make a purchase.

After a purchase has been made and shipped, you receive a commission!

It’s free and easy to join!