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Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Review from Rusty P.

“The Tame The Flame Cover works great.  I had a fire going Saturday evening, decided to turn in for the night, put the cover on.  The next morning went out to check, and instead of ashes in the cover extinguished the fire completely!”

Review from Shawna G.

“Amazing product, built locally.  The materials is much thicker than I would have thought.  I was able to use it to smother my fire lastnight.  It worked beautifully. Highly Recommend.”

Review from Bob B.

“I think the Tame The Flame cover is worth the money just as a waterproof cover and its a bonus to put out the flames.  Sure seems worth the price!”

Review from Nancy S.

“I recently purchased the cover for the solo stove bonfire. I couldn’t not believe how quickly the cover arrived, especially given the long shipping delays are the norm these days. I could immediately tell the cover was high quality. Since arriving, I’ve used it twice. Both times had rain in the forecast overnight and I did not want my firepit to be damaged or ash wet. This cover is amazing and works exactly as advertised.  I was able to cover the firepit, extinguish the fire and protect the firepit. I highly recommend it. This is a great cover!”

Review from Scott M.

“Other metal covers do not stop the air from coming in from the bottom, so the wood keeps burning.  I put my Tame the Flame cover over. the firepit. The cover sits on the ground all the way around the fire pit. It has always snuffed out any remaining wood in minutes!”

Review from Brian M.

“Whenever I need to leave my Solo Stove hot I use my Tame The Flame cover. It works great if your Solo Stove needs to be extinguished asap.”

Review from Dan J.

“Tame The Flame Cover is waterproof. That’s nice!”

Review from Chris M.

“The Tame The Flame Firepit Cover is a terrific product that helps keep your family & property safe at the end of the night, as well as gives you Peace of Mind”

Review from Bob B.

“This is why you buy a Tame The Flame Cover.  You are sitting out with your firepit with a nice big fire and you start getting these weather alerts!”

Review from Mike G.

“Perfect night to burn.  Have my Solo Ranger burning up some old flooring and my Tame The Flame cover to end the night!”

Review from Sarah D.

“Tame The Flame Cover is AMAZING! They put your fire out in just 15 minutes!  They are easy to use and easy to store so you can use them every time you have a campfire! You will love yours!”

Review from Terry M.

” I love both of mine.  I have one for Solo Ranger and Solo Bonfire.  No issues at all.”

Review from Susan O.

“Worth the investment.  We camp alot and toy with the idea of doing it full time.  The solo stove reduces embers flying around (more so than a short campfire ring) and Tame The Flame cover is added protection when you want to go to bed. No one wants an unattended fire. We could put water on the embers but it would make a huge mess.  The cover makes it much easier for morning.  We uncover, dump the ash, pack and go. Doing that for 3-4 days a week is worth it to me.  No forest fires makes it worth it to everyone!”

Review from Larry J.

“Serious Product!  Thanks for saving California’s Forests!”

Review from Ashley M.

“We had a very scary incident with my 2.5 year old daughter a few weeks back. We thought the fire was out and put on the solo stove cover the evening before. The next morning we were all outside playing and my daughter tripped and even though we have a table surround, her handed landed flat on the cover. She screamed in pain and we then realized the pellets were still smoldering and the cover was hot enough to fry an egg on it! She immediately had blisters on her palm and thumb. I got in touch with Tame The Flame right after and got a cover ordered. We were always very careful and the burn still happened. I love my new Tame The Flame cover and do not need to worry about any additional child burns. Thanks, Tim and Flavia for helping keep my family safe!”

Review from James

“Heavy Duty and Absolutely Fireproof! I have a Breeo 24x Firepit and wanted a way to cover it and protect it from the rain.  I considered a Breeo lid but it was expensive and Breeo recommends not to use it to put out the fire.  Tame The Flame was the only choice.  It puts out the fire as advertised and it keeps the water out.  Its heavy duty thick fabric that should last many years to come.  One tip. – be sure it has a good seal to the ground for best performance.”

Review from Adam J.

“Honestly, its legit. Puts out the flame. And sheds water when wet.  Been sitting in my driveway like this for about a month thru many pacific northwest rain.”

Review by Thomas

“This cover is definitely a worthwhile purchase. It fits as described and easily goes over a hot pit with ease.  Heavy duty, very rugged, and isn’t an eye sore.  Love the two handles on the sides.”

Review from Monte V.

“Love Tame The Flame Cover and the owner is great!  I use it to put out the fire and store it in the shelter”

Review from James R.

“Had my cover since January 16, 2023. It keeps my Breeo dry. Very good product!”

Review from Steven B.

“Great Product! I purchased the Solo Stove Bonfire sized Tame The Flame cover and I have to say I’m impressed. The other night we had unexpected downpour with high winds while the fire was still raging and I had to use the cover. When I woke up the next morning, the pit was cold and there was still plenty of partially burnt wood.  The cover successfully snuffed out the fire and deprived it of enough oxygen to keep the coals from smoldering all night.  Everything was bone dry under the cover too!”

Review from Jonathan D.

“I am super impressed with the Tame The Flame Firepit Cover and 100% comfortable tossing it on a fire at the end of the night before heading to bed or telling my wife to do the same if I wasn’t there.  It’s great if it gets super windy and you need to smolder your fire quickly, great at the end of the night, and probably perfect when tailgating! Totally Recommend!”

Review from John L.

“Material is heavy duty and great quality.  It does it’s job, puts out the fire and keeps my firepit dry.  Would recommend it!”

Review from Camping Sue

“Works just like the video showed.  Works perfect!”

Review from Richard F.

“I bought this for my 27″ Solo Yukon.  Its a job well done when we had an unexpected thunderstorm.”

Review from Jennifer A.

“First use of the Tame The Flame cover was awesome! Was so nice to go to bed and not worry about straying embers or wayward rain showers.  We will definitely be using our Solo Stove more often now that we can combat overnight rains, which were often a reason for not burning some nights.”