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Fireproof Covers for Smokeless
Fire Stoves and Fire Pits

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Our product is designed to cut off the air supply and assist with terminating the flame!

The perfect accessory to your back yard fire pit. Put your flame out right away!

Tame The Flame

Safe Around Kids

“We had a very scary incident with my 2.5 year old daughter a few weeks back. We thought the fire was out and put on the solo stove cover the evening before. The next morning we were all outside playing and my daughter tripped and even though we have a table surround, her handed landed flat on the cover. She screamed in pain and we then realized the pellets were still smoldering and the cover was hot enough to fry an egg on it! She immediately had blisters on her palm and thumb. I got in touch with Tame The Flame right after and got a cover ordered. We were always very careful and the burn still happened. I love my new Tame The Flame cover and do not need to worry about any additional child burns. Thanks Tim and Flavia for helping keep my family safe!!”

Ashley Milky ( Customer)

Can I put this on an open flame?

Absolutely! Our fireproof cover is specifically designed to withstand open flames, making it an ideal safety measure. We recommend placing the cover on the fire pit or stove as the fire starts to wind down. However, in the event of a weather emergency or any safety situation involving children and pets, you can simply cover it up for immediate protection. This quick and effortless action ensures the well-being of your loved ones and provides you with peace of mind during unexpected situations. 

Will the fire still smoke?

Depending on the specific stove or fire pit, it is normal for smoke to be present for a duration of approximately 30 minutes. However, rest assured that the smoke dissipates relatively quickly. It is important to exercise caution when extinguishing the fire and to avoid inhaling any residual smoke. Prioritizing safety throughout the process ensures a comfortable and secure experience. 

Life of the Cover?

Tame The Flame Covers are a family business and we personally back our product with a NO HASSLE 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Covers are warranted to be free of material or workmanship defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty protects your firepit against damage when used under normal conditions and does not cover damage from acts of god,

vandalism, neglect, misuse, or improper use.  Must provide Proof of Purchase.


Will The cover surface remain hot during the fire die down?

Our revolutionary cover provides an exceptional level of protection for your children and pets, minimizing the risk of severe burns. It’s important to note that, while the cover does retain heat for a period of time, it is significantly cooler than the steel surface beneath it. This ensures an added layer of safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

We advise normal safety precautions when handling the stove during cool down.


“Unattended Camp Fires Cause 85% of Wildfires”

Features double sided patented design Fireproof fabric, up to 2000°F Water resistant / UV resistant high temperature coating High temperature straps Provides safe fire termination Environmentally safe / non-toxic Prevents “Run Away Campfires Handsfree adjustable foot ring

Features double sided patented design Fireproof Fabric, up to 2000°F Water resistant / UV resistant high temperature coating High temperature straps Provides safe fire termination Environmentally safe / non-toxic Prevents “Run Away Campfires Handsfree adjustable foot ring

Environmentally Friendly

Registered US Patent

Fireproof and Asbestos Free

Safety of children and pets

Tame The Flame

About The Company

Seven years ago, this company began its journey unofficially. As a seller of high-temperature industrial materials to the Aerospace and Forging Industry, I became increasingly frustrated with fire pits that continuously smoldered throughout the night. The rain only worsened the situation, transforming the soot into an unyielding, black cement-like substance. I also grew concerned about the safety of children and pets around the hot fire pit after the cookout ended. In search of a solution, I purchased a store-bought cover, only to witness it melting and creating a disastrous mess. Undeterred, I was determined to find a better alternative. Taking some of my materials to a local sew shop for testing proved to be a rewarding endeavor. The materials proved highly effective. Encouraged by this success, I began crafting fire pit covers for family and friends.

 As I toiled away, perfecting the firepit cover and my high temperature grill cover, Chill The Grill, a significant moment unfolded. My wife arrived home, her eyes brimming with tears after a challenging day at her cleaning company. She recounted an unpleasant encounter with a rude and insulting client, her back aching with discomfort. In that moment, I made a resolute decision—it was time for her to leave her cleaning career behind. Doubling my efforts, I poured my energy into perfecting the cover and propelled this company into motion.

 Recognizing the fundamental role of oxygen in fueling fire, I designed the cover to obstruct the air intakes with a patented ring positioned at the base of the bonfire. By blocking the air vents, the fire could be extinguished within minutes. Excitement surged through me, and I enlisted the help of product testers, who were equally astounded by the results. It became abundantly clear that we had stumbled upon something truly extraordinary. With two sewing machines in hand, my wife and I joined forces, stitching these covers together. Buoyed by feedback from testers and that pivotal moment, we set out on a quest to refine and perfect our creations.

 Our unwavering dedication has been devoted to perfecting our product. Today, our company thrives with a team of seven committed employees, and our fabrication shop buzzes with the hum of numerous sewing machines.

 Our mission is straightforward, yet undeniably essential—to provide fellow campfire enthusiasts with a safe and convenient method to control their fires. We want them to enjoy their fires with peace of mind, knowing that when the night comes to an end, they can cover it securely. Safety and convenience lie at the core of our ambition.

 Furthermore, alarming government statistics reveal that a staggering 85% of wildfires are caused by human actions, with unattended campfires playing a significant role. The consequences of a sudden storm, with fierce winds blowing embers around an unattended campfire, are unimaginable. In response, we have engaged with several State and Federal Agencies, including CALFire, to develop a cover with an attachment chain—a safe and practical solution to the issue of unattended campfires. In our pursuit of proximity to the problem, we relocated our operations to California.

 And so, the story of our company unfolds—fueled by passion, commitment, and an unwavering determination to enhance the campfire experience for all. With each cover we produce, we aim to protect our precious landscapes and communities from the devastating impact of wildfires.

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This is the first and last cover you will ever need for your Solostove Bonfire! It is built to take whatever you can dish out. Need to turn in for the evening? Fire still going? Put this cover on without worry! I've put this on a full secondary burn and its lights out. Cover also works well with Solostove accessories! Over the top of the Shield? Yes! Lid too! Its heavy and built to last. I've had 70mph wind storms and it stays right where it should. This cover will protech my investment for years to come!

Michael Knab 

We have a fire pit cover called Tame the Flame. It easily slips over our fire pit so if sudden rain appears we can quickly and safely extinguished the fire and we aren't left with a wet ash filled mess once we want to get back to enjoying our fire.

Susan Omspacker 

With the constant threat of wildfires, I like the ability to cover up my stove when high winds come in off the mountains. This gives me peace of mind that large gust of wind will not pick up embers causing a castarophie.

Gordon N.   Truckee, CA

Nothing makes me happier when i use my cover knowing the fire is out!

Jane D.   

I could tell immediately the cover was high quality. Since arriving, I’ve used it twice. Both times had rain in the forecast overnight and I did not want my fire pit to be damaged or for the ash to get wet.

Nancy S. Columbus, OH

I Purchased the Tame The Flame Cover and its a waterproof cover that you can put on while the flames are still going. They are a little costly, buy definitely worth it for piece of mind.

Jeff C. Denver, CO

So enjoying our might little Caampfire tonight!! So happy we have the Tame The Flame Fire Pit Covers for all of our Solo Stoves. Such ease and peace of mind to go in whenever you need without worry no matter what stage your fire is in! Thank you Tame The Flame Fire Pit Cover for such great products!

Terrie B.  Wrightstown, NJ

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